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599 Merida, 

San Antonio, TX, 78207 USA

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Subject-Expert Teachers Starting in Kindergarten

We know that students learn best when taught by teachers who are experts in their subject matter.  At Promesa Academy, we recognize that elementary education is the foundation and determiner for students’ future success in middle and high school and college, and as a result, we will ensure that our students have teachers who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects they teach. Starting in Kindergarten, our students will have an expert teacher for each subject, instead of one teacher who tries to balance teaching five or six different subjects.

This also benefits our teachers who will be able to focus on subjects about which they are passionate and well-trained; that enthusiasm and preparation will carry into their classes and propel our students’ success. 


At Promesa, we strive to be different.

We want to create a space where children love learning and where teachers have the time and support to create authentic and engaging learning experiences.

Authentic and Engaging Learning Experiences


We believe that to truly engage students in the academics they are learning inside of the classroom, we need to also expose them to how the content they learn is relevant to the world beyond the classroom. Too often students ask the question, “When will I ever use this?” as they lack engagement in the material they are being taught.


At Promesa Academy, we will design learning experiences that occur in rich learning contexts and feel similar to the activities of professionals in the field. This may look like interdisciplinary projects designed by our grade-level teams that allow children to dive deep into a topic from various perspectives, or it may look like students engaging in a rich discussion to test the mathematical validity of a statement proposed by another student. 


Nurturing the Whole Child


We believe that each child is priceless and has a unique combination of strengths and talents, some still undiscovered. Every child has the need to connect to others and know that they belong as their internal reality is just as important as an adult's and deserves our full respect and love. 


At Promesa, relationships will be at the foundation of our classrooms. We will work to build a strong sense of both classroom and schoolwide community and to develop our students’ social-emotional skills to help our students grow into caring, respectful, responsible members of our community who love and respect themselves and those around them.

We feel incredibly fortunate to serve families in San Antonio and will proactively build supportive and productive relationships with families and the community. We will conduct home visits with every new family to understand each family's hopes and dreams for their children and to form strong, lasting relationships, built on a foundation of respect, love, and understanding.


We are also committed to building genuine relationships with our surrounding community because we know that when we work together, we can make a much more positive and lasting impact in the lives of our students.

School-Family-Community Partnerships