Jared Sorensen is a parent of four sons who have all benefited from attending Texas schools. Learning is a constant in the Sorensen household as well as frequent trips to the library to pick up 10, 20 or sometimes 30 books. Whether teaching his children to read, helping them puzzle through a tricky math problem, or giving them feedback on an app they are coding, he loves spending time with them. Mr. Sorensen believes that a great education is priceless and regards securing an excellent education for every child, especially those from lower-income families, as a mission deserving of his full efforts.

Mr. Sorensen is the Senior Director of Finance at Rackspace Hosting and has broad experience with pricing, budgets, and forecasting for hundreds of millions of dollars. He has supported the launch of many new products at Rackspace and so understands the complexities of the start-up phase. His team performs complex data analytics on large data sets. Mr. Sorensen is committed to use data to drive decisions in the best interest of the students at Promesa Academy. He studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University and subsequently returned for an MBA.