Molly Campbell is a foster parent who has had the unique and important privilege of loving and caring for children in transition as their birth families receive the assistance and education they need to provide a safe and stable home for their children. In supporting these families, Ms. Campbell has seen the drastic differences in educational opportunities afforded to her birth children as compared to those afforded to her foster children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Ms. Campbell believes that all of her children—whether they are hers forever or just for a season—should have the same footing as they begin their educational journey and she strongly believes that Promesa Academy will provide that opportunity to its students.

Ms. Campbell is currently the Managing Attorney of The Law Office of Molly E. Campbell, a law firm that provides legal counsel to corporate clients in commercial transactional matters and negotiations. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a Juris Doctor, both from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Molly is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Promesa Academy and will bring a strong expertise in regulatory compliance and legal issues to the Founding Team.