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Nurturing Nature's Curiosity

"Junior Explorers" is a captivating outdoor learning program within Promesa Academy's "Project Spark!" initiative. Designed for K-5 students, this project takes young minds on a journey to explore the diverse terrain of San Antonio, fostering an understanding of local flora and fauna to contribute to the enrichment of our school garden.


    Outdoor Discovery: Students engage in hands-on learning experiences, connecting with the natural world through exploration.

    Ecological Education: The project aims to educate students about the local environment, including the diverse plant and animal life in San Antonio.

    Garden Nurturing: Junior Explorers play a crucial role in the care and development of Promesa Academy's school garden, applying the knowledge gained during their outdoor adventures.


    Terrific Terrain Tours: Guided tours to prominent locations like Phil Hardberger Park and the Botanical Garden expose students to varied landscapes.

    Flora and Fauna Studies: Students learn to identify local plants and animals, developing an appreciation for the ecological richness of their surroundings.

    Hands-on Garden Work: Applying their knowledge, Junior Explorers actively participate in nurturing the school garden, contributing to its growth.

    Environmental Workshops: Specialized workshops provide insights into environmental conservation, encouraging a sense of responsibility towards nature.


    Nature Connection: Junior Explorers establish a meaningful connection with the environment, fostering a love for nature.

    Educational Enrichment: The project enhances students' understanding of ecology and instills a sense of environmental stewardship.

    Hands-on Learning: Outdoor experiences and garden activities offer practical learning opportunities, making education enjoyable.

Embark on Nature's Adventure:
"Junior Explorers" invites young adventurers to embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning in the heart of San Antonio's natural wonders!

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