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Illuminating Artistic Brilliance

"Project Spotlight," an integral facet of Promesa Academy's "Project Spark!" initiative, takes students on an immersive exploration of art at The McNay Museum. This project is not just about observing; it's about creating, connecting, and stepping into the spotlight. Students visit The McNay Museum, draw inspiration from its rich collection, and actively participate in The McNay's Spotlight Program. The culmination of their efforts results in a captivating showcase of their own artwork within the esteemed museum's walls.


    Artistic Exploration: Provide students with a hands-on experience to explore and appreciate art within the prestigious walls of The McNay Museum.

    Creative Expression: Encourage students to create original artworks inspired by the museum's collection, fostering their artistic ingenuity.

    Deeper Connection: Establish a profound connection between students and The McNay's collection, cultivating an enduring appreciation for art.

    Showcase Opportunity: Provide students with a platform to showcase their artistic endeavors within The McNay Museum, allowing them to share their creations with a broader audience.


    Museum Visits: Guided visits to The McNay Museum to explore and absorb the diverse art forms within its collection.

    Inspiration Sessions: Students engage in sessions where they draw inspiration from specific artworks and styles found at The McNay.

    Spotlight Program Participation: Actively participate in The McNay's Spotlight Program, contributing to the dynamic cultural atmosphere of the museum.

    Art Showcase: A culminating event where students showcase their personally crafted artworks, reflecting their interpretation of The McNay's collection.


    Artistic Development: Project Spotlight enhances students' artistic skills and encourages them to develop their unique styles.

    Cultural Connection: The experience fosters a deep appreciation for cultural heritage and artistic diversity.

    Confidence Building: Showcasing artwork in a renowned museum setting builds students' confidence in their creative abilities.

Step into the Artistic Spotlight:
"Project Spotlight" invites students to embark on a transformative journey, where the intersection of creativity, culture, and expression takes center stage. Let the spotlight shine on the brilliance of their artistic endeavors at The McNay Museum!

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