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Virtual Learning

at Promesa

Since 2020, our creative team of educators has designed virtual learning experiences for our students that were engaging, relevant, and meaningfulWe know that virtual learning cannot fully replace the joy of in-person learning, and made the decision in the 2022-23 school year to no longer run a virtual learning program at Promesa. While our students are in quarantine, we will offer them a virtual learning option that you can read more about below.

2022-23 Virtual Learning Option 

For students who are required to quarantine, we will ensure that you have access to a device to be able to access asynchronous math and literacy materials. We will not have any live classes during your child's quarantine period as our teachers will still be following their regular teaching schedules in-person. Your child can access Clever where they will be able to work on Zearn (for math) and Amplify (for literacy). Both of these applications are targeted to your child's needs and closely align to the support they are receiving in class. We have also included links to other optional activities you can work with your child on while they are in quarantine.

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