Virtual Learning

at Promesa

Our creative team of educators has spent months working on designing virtual learning experiences for our students that are engaging, relevant, and meaningful.

We know that virtual learning cannot fully replace the joy of in-person learning, but we are committed to making our virtual experiences as joyful and engaging as possible for our students!

2021-22 Virtual Learning Option 

Promesa is proud to be the only public school in San Antonio that offered virtual learning as an option to all families at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. Our virtual learners have 5 classes daily - a homeroom, two literacy classes, one math class, and a specials rotation - with plenty of breaks and independent work time during the day. You can find a sample of our virtual schedule here. We are currently offering virtual learning for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

If you want to apply for your child to enroll in our virtual learning program, click here.

The video below is an example of a 2nd-grade virtual math class from last year. Our teachers do a phenomenal job of engaging our virtual students in rich discussion and ensuring that they feel just as engaged as their in-person peers.

Completed Virtual Learning Experiences from Mar.-July 2020

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Caring for our Community with Mrs. Dani

Ran from Monday, March 23rd to Friday, April 3rd


Our founder, Mrs. Dani, co-led a virtual, two-week, project-based learning experience for K-5 students. During the project, our students interviewed our first responders and learned about new technologies to create something to express their gratitude for our first responders.

You can see the final products here and read more about the project here.

Earth Day with Mrs. Guyton

April 22nd, 2020 at 10AM CT

Earth Day Read Aloud.jpg

Our 1st-grade literacy teacher, Mrs. Guyton, led an Earth Day read aloud and recycled art project on April 22nd! Mrs. Guyton led students through the story "Why Should I Recycle?" while learning and discussing the importance of recycling in our community and their role in protecting our world as young citizens. At the end, Mrs. Guyton shared how to make a recycled art project.

Let Us Grow with Ms. Hoekje


Ms. Hoekje, our Director of Curriculum and Instruction, led a class with Kinder-2nd graders in which they read together, learned about the importance of plants, gardened, and learned how to take care of plants in their community. Students registered for this class received free materials to plant and nurture their own at-home garden!


Problem of the Day with Mrs. Dani


For three months, our founder, Mrs. Dani, met with a group of 1st-5th graders twice a week to play math games and explore fun, yet challenging, math puzzles! A new problem was presented during each class and we presented and discussed solutions to problems in the following class!


Conditioning with Mr. Casso

For two months, our arts/martial arts teacher taught a virtual conditioning class three times a week (MWF) at 4-4:30pm Central! This was an opportunity for both students and their parents to come together to stretch, decompress, and build some body strength. Videos of this can be found on our YouTube channel!