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Friday Electives

A unique opportunity for your child to discover

new passions at a young age!

Children have no creative bounds and an infinite bank of questions.

Their creativity, curiosity, and imagination need to be celebrated and fostered in schools and we are so excited to be able to offer elective classes every Friday for our children as an avenue in which to do this.

Every semester, our students will get to choose an elective to explore new passions and areas of interest. The first semester of every year will feature electives that are teacher-created and derived from passion areas of our incredibly creative and diverse staff. As we learn more about our students' interests and passions in our first semester, we will work to design electives for our second semester that more closely mirror our students' passions and interests.

2022-23 Semester 2 Elective Options

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Animation: 2nd-4th Grade

A Boy and His Tablet Device

Led By: Ms. Alyssa and Mx. Garcia


Students will explore story-telling through stop-motion animation and work on creating their very own animations!

American Sign Language (ASL): Kinder-4th Grade

Untitled design (2).png

Led By: Ms. Bre, Ms. Shawna, and Ms. Howerton

Students will engage in fun activities and repetition to help learn the ASL alphabet, numbers, how to introduce themselves, basic conversation, common words and phrases, animals, food, school signs, sports and hobbies, weather, time words, calendar words, holidays, verbs, adjectives and much more!

Chess Game

Chess: 2nd-4th Grade

Led By: Mr. Eric and Mr. Grant

This elective is for both beginner and experienced chess players! Learn and improve your game of chess.

Dance: Kinder-4th Grade

Untitled design (4).png

Led By: Coach Arielle, Ms. Engel, Ms. Roundtree, and Ms. Adams

This semester with dance we will be learning new dances each week as we go through the decades, from ballroom dancing, to the electric slide. All students will get to experience different genres of dancing and how it has changed over centuries.

Genius Hour: Kinder-1st Grade

Untitled design (16).png

Led By: Mrs. Avalos, Ms. Katie, Ms. Earl, and Mrs. Miller


In this elective, our littlest learners will get to discover more about their interests through the approach of meaningful mess. Students will identify what they want to learn more about and we will provide them the time and resources to explore that topic in their own way. Last semester, some of the topics we explored were potions, art as an expression, architecture and the magic of science. Essentially, Genius Hour is a time for students to satisfy their unique curiosities in a fun way!

Kindness is Cool: Kinder-1st Grade

Image by Brett Jordan

Led By: Ms. Nuno and Ms. Rico

Kindness is cool is a wonderful elective that will empower students to embrace kindness around the campus and the community. There will be opportunities to engage with the community by giving back, spreading kindness, and promoting positive relationships.

Musical Theatre: 2nd-4th Grade

Stage Curtains

Led By: Mrs. Fimbel, Ms. Keira, and Mr. Ruben

Students will create a performance based on a theme they select on the first day. The performance will include student created narrratives, thematic music, and movement elements.

Pandas who Cook: Kinder-4th Grade

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Led By: Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Krystal, Ms. Julie J., and Ms. Chloe

Students will learn about different kitchen tools like graters, blenders, kid-friendly knives, air fryers, and more. They will learn how to use them safely to make different recipes. They will get the chance to have a lemonade stand to raise money for and end-of-year family feast.

Puzzling Pandas: 2nd-4th Grade

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster

Led By: Ms. Jaelynn and Mr. Miguel

Join us on a puzzling adventure as we explore the many puzzle types out there! We will complete everything from brain teasers to jigsaw, riddles to crossword, and cryptogram to sudoku. Help us each week develop strategies, test ideas, and solve problems!

Rollerskating: Kinder-4th Grade

Image by A. Zuhri

Led By: Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. Harrison, Ms. Sabbahi, and Nurse Bryan

Students will learn and improve their rollerskating skills in this class. Beginners will learn starting, stopping, how to fall safely, and improve their balance and coordination. More advanced skaters will learn tips and tricks for gliding fluently, skating backwards, turning, and quick stopping. We will play games and even learn some rhythm skating (dance) moves. Skates, a helmet, and pads are required for this elective.

Scratch Jr.: Kinder-1st Grade


Led By: Mrs. Bathgate, Ms. Sam, and Mr. Hunte

Students will learn the foundation of coding concepts through Scratch Jr. They will learn the concepts of if/then statements, loops, and logic statements. Scratch Jr. is primarily symbol based so students can accomplish these foundations no matter their literacy skills. Students will also learn digital citizenship concepts including what a digital footprint looks like.

Student Council: 2nd-4th Grade

Untitled design (14).png

Led By: Ms. Dibrell, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Vidaurri

Be a part of the group of students who launch schoolwide events. Be a part of the group of students who believe in leading by example. Be part of the group of students who believe in serving their community. This is an elective with built in high expectations for our students and our community.

Wizardly STEM and Fitness: 2nd-4th Grade

Image by Madalyn Cox

Led By: Mr. Soliz, Ms. Martinez, and Mrs. Sammis

Students will explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter through STEM and fitness. Examples include exploring herbology, "potions", mythical creatures, crafting, and learning how to play Quidditch.

Yearbook: 2nd-4th Grade

Untitled design (15).png

Led By: Ms. Carter and Mr. Alex

Students will curate a special collection of photos, letters, and artwork to commemorate an unforgettable school year. Students will learn how to write captions, capture photos, and create visual layouts.

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