Friday Electives

A unique opportunity for your child to discover

new passions at a young age!

Children have no creative bounds and an infinite bank of questions.

Their creativity, curiosity, and imagination need to be celebrated and fostered in schools and we are so excited to be able to offer elective classes every Friday for our children as an avenue in which to do this.

Every semester, our students will get to choose an elective to explore new passions and areas of interest. The first semester of every year will feature electives that are teacher-created and derived from passion areas of our incredibly creative and diverse staff. As we learn more about our students' interests and passions in our first semester, we will work to design electives for our second semester that more closely mirror our students' passions and interests.

Previous Elective Choices


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In this elective, our young coders will be introduced to coding basics. They will learn how to code in Scratch Jr. and create their own projects! Students will be introduced to general programming ideas and coding structures as they work towards creating a final project that could be a collage, story, game, or any other creative idea that they may come up with!

Community Beautification

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Art is all around us! In this elective, our young artists will explore their communities to explore how art brings joy and beauty to a community. Students will take ownership of their community as they create a role for themselves to preserve and enhance their community. Through clean-up efforts, planting a bed of flowers, or creating a mural, students will seek out a location to add permanent or seasonal beautification projects that represent life and community.

Creative Writing

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This elective is designed for our young authors! They will spend the semester becoming comfortable with the elements of story through oral story-telling and working through the writing workshop process as they learn how to revise their writing and provide feedback on their peers' writing. The semester will end with each student having self-published their own stories!



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In this elective, students will be introduced to different styles of dances and their origins while learning dance movements and patterns. Our young dancers will express themselves through dance to convey ideas and emotions. Their final product will be practicing and creating dances alone or with a partner/group. 

Fitness Club

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In this elective, our young athletes will be introduced to games and activities that enhance their overall fitness level. Through these games and activities, students will work on their five core fitness areas (cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition) and learn more about how to take care of and strengthen their bodies.


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In this elective, our young gardeners will gain the knowledge and skills that they need to start a small garden at home. By developing a knowledge of our land and native plants, students will also learn about the farm-to-table process and how plants can be transformed into different foods.


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In this elective, our young makers will use a combination of science, technology, engineering, art, and math to solve problems. Students will be introduced to the design process through the connection of solving characters’ problems from familiar fairy tales and other stories. They will work independently or collaborate with others to design a solution for these challenges by learning how to make a plan of their design, use materials to create what they planned, and make improvements to their design.

Spanish Stories

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In this elective, our young Spanish-speakers will be introduced to conversational Spanish through stories. They will explore the language through music, physical activity, and cultural explorations.


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In this elective, our young yogis will be introduced to traditional yoga and its benefits in a comprehensive, imaginative, and playful approach. They will be able to use strategies and poses as pathways to learning and will stimulate their verbal, spatial, and artistic skills. Students will learn specific poses that will cover a multitude of situations.