Friday Electives

A unique opportunity for your child to discover

new passions at a young age!

Children have no creative bounds and an infinite bank of questions.

Their creativity, curiosity, and imagination need to be celebrated and fostered in schools and we are so excited to be able to offer elective classes every Friday for our children as an avenue in which to do this.

Every semester, our students will get to choose an elective to explore new passions and areas of interest. The first semester of every year will feature electives that are teacher-created and derived from passion areas of our incredibly creative and diverse staff. As we learn more about our students' interests and passions in our first semester, we will work to design electives for our second semester that more closely mirror our students' passions and interests.

2022-23 Semester 1 Elective Options

American Sign Language (ASL): Kinder-1st Grade

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Led By: Ms. Shawna and Ms. Howerton

Students will engage in fun activities and repetition to help learn the ASL alphabet, numbers, how to introduce themselves, basic conversation, common words and phrases, animals, food, school signs, sports and hobbies, weather, time words, calendar words, holidays, verbs, adjectives and much more!

Choir: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Ms. Holt, Ms. Salinas, and Ms. Spector

Chorus students will develop stronger vocal technique in a collaborative choir setting, work on perfomance etiquette and confidence, begin to develop music reading skills, and practice musical expression all while pulling from and learning from various cultures.

Dance: Kinder-4th Grade

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Led By: Coach Arielle and Ms. Engel

In this elective, students will learn the history of dance and movement. We will learn how to properly and safely use our bodies and technique to create a story. Students will build confidence and creativity by getting to dance alongside their peers. We will also be able to collaborate with our school community for dance performances


Food and Culture: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Miguel, and Ms. Sabbahi

Learn about different cultures from around the world through various texts and multimedia. Discover each culture's unique dishes and create them with a given recipe! Cooking skills will take place and you will have a chance to take the recipe home after trying it in class!

Graphic Novels and Comic Books: Kinder-1st Grade

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Led By: Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Kinney, and Mx. Garcia

In this class, we will be reading, drawing, and writing our own comic books and graphic novels. Students will get to explore the different styles in this genre, such as newspaper-style comic strips for humor, manga, superhero-style comic books, narrative graphic novels, and non-fiction.

iOS Beatmaking: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Mr. Grant and Nurse Bryan

In this elective, students will learn to use a variety of digital samplers, midi instruments, and digital audio workstations to create music on iPads! If your child loves music and wants to create their own, this is the perfect opportunity for them!

Legends from Around the World: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Mrs. Miller and Mr. Soliz

Students will learn about a variety of legends, cultural beliefs, mythical creatures, and cryptozoology that stem from different cultures all around the world. Learning will take place through collaborative read-alouds and videos and students will have the opportunity to experience storytelling in different "settings". (i.e. Mock tent and flashlights)

Genius Hour: Kinder-1st Grade

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Led By: Mrs. Avalos and Ms. Katie

Genius Hour gives students an opportunity to look at the world around them and explore their unique interests in a loosely structured, but supported, way. The goal of this elective is for students to identify what they want to learn more about, providing them the time and resources to explore that topic in their own way, then share what they learned with their peers. Some examples of topics students might explore are: "What's the biggest number?", "How many colors are there?", "Why don't animals talk?". Genius Hour is a time for students to satisfy their unique curiosities.

Photography: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Ms. Julie Jimenez and Ms. Sanchez

Students will learn the basics principles of photography and how perspective helps shape the world around us. They will get the chance to develop their understanding how cameras work and will work toward builiding their own pinhole camera and a gallery walk of photos they have taken. 

Sculpture Garden: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Mr. Alex and Ms. Alyssa

This elective will be a multidisciplinary Project-Based class with the goal of designing, creating, and installing site-specific art works that will live in the school's courtyard and will redefine the aesthetic experience of our school.

Sports Academy: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Mr. Eric and Ms. Jennifer

Students of all fitness levels will be able to learn about physical activity and actively participate in a variety of drills learning more about various sports such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. The elective will also focus on norms, expectations, and sportsmanship.

Storytime with Storm: Kinder-1st Grade

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Led By: Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Sammis

Dogs and books are two of the best things. We will read different books about dogs and interests in the group. After reading our book we will work on making our own books. At the end of the elective we will share those books with others. Storm will be eager to hear each scholars' book/story. She will also give inspiration to their drawings for their books.

Student Council: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Ms. Dibrell, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Vidaurri

In this elective, we will learn what it takes to be a leader. We will run an election as to who will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of Promesa. We will plan events for our student body, maintain school spirit, and create a culture of celebration in all we do.

Yearbook: 2nd-4th Grade

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Led By: Ms. Carter, Mr. Hunte, Ms. Jaelynn, and Ms. Lopez

Students will curate a special collection of photos, letters, and artwork to commemorate an unforgettable school year. Students will learn how to write captions, capture photos, and create visual layouts.

Fitness Elective: Kinder-1st Grade

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Led By: Ms. Earl and Ms. Nuno

In this elective, we will inspire fun and promote fitness and making healthy choices. Activities will range from playing games, doing yoga, engaging in kid-inspired HITT workouts, and learning about healthy food and preparing healthy snacks.