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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have detailed volunteer options?
    Our Parent Teacher Organization has a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year for our families. These include Workroom Wednesdays (an opportunity to help teachers with tasks for the week), read alouds to classes, campus clean ups, support with events, room parents, and more!
  • What is your student supply list?
    You can find out 2022-23 supply list here. We update these annually and publish them in the middle of the summer. We always support families who may need financial assistance with purchasing supplies and never want supplies to be a barrier in your child being able to attend Promesa.
  • What is your primary area of attendance?
    Promesa Academy is open to any child in Bexar County who wishes to attend.
  • What are your school hours?
    An optional, free breakfast will be served from 7:15-7:45 a.m. Classes begin at 7:45 a.m. and students are dismissed between 3-3:30pm on Mondays-Thursdays and between 1-1:30pm every Friday. We do have an onsite afterschool option that is available to families until 6pm daily for a fee of $25/week.
  • What calendar do you follow?
    We closely follow San Antonio ISD's and Edgewood's ISD's calendars although there are a few differences. You can find our 22-23 calendar here.
  • How do you approach discipline?
    We believe in educating the whole child and equipping them with tools to grow and manage their emotions instead of using a punitive discipline system in our school. Our philosophy is based in Conscious Discipline, which equips adults to be responsive to student needs in a loving but firm way to improve the outcomes for all students.
  • What does technology usage look like?
    We believe in using technology where it has a place and where it makes a positive impact on student learning. This includes things like intervention programs, creating a project using an app such as Seesaw, or using technology to capture artifacts of student work. Technology can also be a great assistive aid for students needing extra support.
  • Do you have special area teachers? (i.e. Art, Music, P.E.)?"
    Yes! We have Art, Music, Spanish, Library, and P.E. teachers. All students on our campus will see them twice a week.
  • Do you offer dual language?
    We do not offer a dual language program yet, but we have a high-quality ESL program for students who qualify. We do offer a Spanish class to all students twice a week starting in Kindergarten.
  • What are the before/after-school options for my child(ren)?
    We partner with Campus Adventures to offer afterschool care until 6pm daily onsite. The cost is currently $25/week. The earliest a child can be dropped off is 7:15am.
  • What are your class sizes and student/teacher ratio?
    Our classes are capped at 22 students per teacher. In addition, we have teaching assistants who will float from class to class across a grade level to offer teachers and students support where needed. Our school administrative staff are always available for support if necessary.
  • What does assessment look like?
    The data we collect from student assessment should be valid and useful, and not just a test given for the sake of testing. Students will take developmentally appropriate, in-class assessments to assess learning when appropriate. In addition, we test reading levels three times a year using mClass and give NWEA MAP testing in Reading and Mathematics three times a year to assess student growth.
  • Do you accept students with special needs?
    We are a public school and accept any child who wishes to attend. We are both legally bound and wholly committed to ensuring that we meet the needs of each and every child who attends our school.
  • How do you accommodate for Special Education?
    As a public school in Texas, we will work with families, our Special Education providers, and our students’ IEPs to provide them with appropriate services in our school. We will make sure that all of our students get what they need to be successful.
  • What does parent and family engagement look like at Promesa?
    At Promesa we believe that the relationships we build with our families are essential not only to who we are but who we will become. We truly value the input of our students, families and community.
  • What is your homework philosophy?
    While we are not advocates of homework, we want to leave the option open should teachers have a meaningful extension or activity that students can engage in with parents or guardians at home. Homework is not an essential part of our philosophy and is not required for our teachers to give. If given, homework will be brief and meaningfully connected to their in-class learning.
  • What options are there for transportation?
    We offer FREE transportation within our attendance zone. For families living outside of our attendance zone, children may still take the bus if they can be transported to the nearest available bus stop.
  • What is your meal program?
    We commit to offering fresh, healthy meals and will address and accommodate any allergy concerns or needs.
  • Who can attend Promesa Academy?
    We are a public school and are free to any child in Bexar County who wishes to attend.
  • How do I submit an application for my child?
    You need to submit an online application through our website. If we receive more applications than available seats, we will run a lottery to determine who gets accepted.
  • Is there a cost for my child(ren) to attend?
    No. Promesa Academy is a tuition-free, open-enrollment, public charter school. There is no cost to you for your child to attend.
  • Where are you located?
    Our physical address is: 603 Merida St San Antonio, TX 78207
  • How does the enrollment process work?
    Charter schools have a limited number of seats. When more students apply than there are spaces available, the school holds a random lottery to determine which students get offers. All other students are placed on a waiting list and may receive an offer during the school year.
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