Safe Return
to School

Although we cannot wait to see all of our beautiful students in person this August, we know that it can be scary sending your children back to school in person when COVID-19 still poses a risk to children under the age of 12. If the state of Texas changes its regulations to allow public schools to offer virtual learning to families, we promise to partner with our families and to offer them a choice that works best for them. In the meantime, please find below a list of health and safety protocols and considerations for the new school year.

* Updated last on August 13th, 2021. We will continue to edit this page as we receive further guidance from the Texas Education Agency.

Masks/Face Covering Policy

Masks are mandated for all students, staff, and visitors at Promesa Academy. Please send your child to school with a few backup masks. We will require students to wear masks at all times except when they are eating. If a child ever needs a mask break, we will always find a safe space and allow them to have that break.

Hygiene at School

We will continue to have hand sanitizer readily available all across campus and will continue to use school-provided water bottles to minimize shared use of the water fountains. We will also continue to do temperature checks of all students when they are dropped off at school.

Full-Time Nurse

We are excited to announce that we will have a full-time nurse on campus for the 2021-22 school year!


We ask that all families continue to self-screen their children for COVID symptoms before sending them to school. If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 that are out of the ordinary (e.g. not associated with known allergies), your child should self-quarantine for the 10-day period.

COVID-19 on Campus and Close Contacts

A. Student/Staff Tests Positive
Any staff or student who has tested positive for COVID-19 and who is symptomatic is required to stay at home for at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms. Staff or students who test positive for COVID-19 but do not have any symptoms must stay home until at least 10 days after the day they were tested.

B. Positive Case on Campus
If someone with a positive COVID-19 test has been at school, we will notify our local health department and all families at Promesa of the positive case. We will also notify all families that have children in that staff member's or student's class if their child was in close contact of the positive-tested individual.

Close contact is defined as anyone who has been within six feet of the infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. Close contacts do not include people who are fully vaccinated, people who were previously diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last three months, or students who were within three to six feet of an infected person in an indoor classroom setting if both students correctly and consistently wore well-fitting masks the entire time. Please note that this definition of close contact and exception is per CDC guidelines.

Students or staff who are determined to be close contacts of an individual with COVID-19 will be required to self-quarantine. They may return to school once 10 days have passed if no symptoms are present, even without testing. Close contacts may also end the stay-at-home period if they receive a negative result from a PCR acute infection test after the close contact exposure ends (day 7, but the test must occur on day 5 or later).